About Us


We are a brother and sister team with experience in media and entrepreneurship 


Jennie has over twenty years of experience as a journalist and editor, starting with her school paper in college. 

Brian has over a decade of experience building and growing businesses and his current company is a podcast production studio. 

They will bring tips from both sides of the podcasting world so that you are able to turn your content from novice to pro.


We have tutorials on the top software for podcast editing as well as tips and tricks to make your show sound like it was produced by a professional, while minimzing the time you have to spend. 

We have reviews on all of the best gear for podcasting, as well as recommendations for what gear you HAVE to have versus what gear is a NICE to have. 

Brian does podcast coaching for a few cohorts per year. There are limited slots, but if you follow the system and attend every meeting and do not launch your show we give you your money back. No questions asked.