From podcasting novice to podcasting pro

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Gaining listeners and listener engagement: Be like Vanilla Ice (Stop, Collaborate and Listen)

Creating the podcast is a huge accomplishment, but listeners - and downloads - are the other half of the equation. Reaching listeners and keeping listeners is one way to measure the success of your podcast. Keep track of your...

Want to start a podcast?

You want to start a podcast, but you may be a bit nervous. The most important piece of information to know, right off the bat, is that you are capable of creating your own podcast. That’s not false confidence from a website. It’s...

Want to start a podcast?

Podcasts don’t simply appear on iTunes polished and ready to play. The creator developed the topic for the episode and recorded it well in advance of the podcast appearing on iTunes. In fact, recording an episode is the easy part.  After that, the hard work begins

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