The Worst Things That Happen To A Podcast Producer


Producing a podcast comes with all types of variables, some which are totally out of your control. In my days as a producer, I have seen these events more than i’d like to mention.  No matter how much you plan and prepare, sometimes technology will fail you, or even worse, your own brain will fail you.

But these are the mistakes and experiences we learn from. A podcast producer must be versatile, quick thinking, and when he/she does everything right… patient. Because when everything is going right, sometimes producing can be very boring depending on if you’re into the content at hand.

The Worst Things That Happen To A Podcast Producer

Podcast Produer Foe: Table Tapping
Table Tapping

There is nothing that drives a producer more crazy than when a podcast host or guest constantly slam their hand on the table when they speak. The constant booms are a nightmare not only on the ears, but also for the editing process.  If you have table top mics and experience the table tap, or even worse the slam, you’re screwed.

Podcast Producer Foe: Uninvited Guest
Unintended Guests

You do your pre-show routine of getting mics leveled, settings placed, and in some instances cameras properly positioned.  The show gets rolling, everything is great, and then a call comes from the distance. A new person has arrived and decides they want to join in on the fun in the middle of the show.   From levels going haywire to increased air between voice and mic, the unintended guest is always a podcast producer’s foe.

Podcasting Idiot
Input Was Not Selected

I’ve learned my lesson on this one plenty of times.  When you have hundreds of shows under your belt, it’s easy to get a little complacent sometimes.  Because the basics are so routine, you spend more time focusing on bigger potential issues which leads to surprise screw-ups.  The one that has happened most for me is forgetting to switch the input on the recording software.

It’s easy to get fooled because if you’re using a laptop that has its own internal microphone, you will see waves showing up when you press the record button.  You’ll notice the waves are a little low and you’ll try to raise the levels on your board. Confused when there is no change, you’ll glance back at the recording software screen. Then bam, it hits you.  What an idiot!  The show is already going so you have to think fast.  Find a pause, stop recording, switch the input and start again.  Then when it’s all over, hope that your editing skills can save a disaster.

These are just a handful of the worst case scenarios. There are more, then there will be more after that.  The best we can do is to stay alert, be flexible in our setups, and rely on our editing skills to correct our biggest mistakes.  Good luck out there.


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Orlando Rios is the author of Podcasting Pro Basics, The Podcast Book and producer/host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and the Industrial Strength Show. He has over 400 hours of podcast producing & editing experience and over 4 million episode downloads to his name.

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