What To Podcast About


Deciding what to podcast about is one of the most challenging dilemmas for first-time and seasoned podcasters alike. If it’s your first podcast, you likely want to start with a bang and set the tone for your new show.  If you’re a seasoned podcaster, you likely want to avoid disappointing your established audience by providing new and fresh content.  Here’s some tried and true methods to try for your next podcast.

What To Podcast About

Tip #1: Expand on Blog Articles

Some of the best content is literally at your fingertips.  Whether you have your own blog where you share information and perspective, or you have a favorite that you visit regularly, blog content is one of the best things to bounce into a podcast.  One of the best parts about this method is that the article is laid out for you, which means that you already have an outline to go off of on your podcast.  If you’re not the author of the post, try to get in touch with them. An interview expanding on their article is a great way not only to get good content, but downloads from the author’s share of their appearance.

Interview a Friend or Family Member

One of the most underestimated podcast favorites is a free discussion with a best friend of family member.  Nobody knows you better than your friend or family member, and the same goes the other way around.  Listeners love when podcasts feel real and natural.  There is no better way to accomplish this than with people you have a deep relationship with. Think of all the things you could learn yourself!

Revisit a Popular Episode

Did you have a podcast episode that absolutely knocked out of the park?  If it has been a few months or more, it may be time for a part two!  Episode sequels are great because they reward past listeners and also give new listeners a reason to go back into your archives.

Take Fan Questions

If you have an engaged social media following, now is the time to use it.  Get your listeners involved in the show by getting them to ask questions on the subject you’re an expert on. On the contrary, you could also give them a voice to their opinion if your show is more about commentary. A few days before you record, send out your post letting people know to submit their questions. Collect all of the questions in a document and note the names and social media handles.  When you answer their questions, make sure to call out their social media handles.  This will make your podcast listeners absolutely love you and build a lifelong fan.

These are just a handful of tips on what to podcast about. Remember, sometimes the best content is the content that is not forced.  Podcasting should be fun and easy. If you’re not feeling a subject, stay away from it!


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Orlando Rios is the author of Podcasting Pro Basics, The Podcast Book and producer/host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and the Industrial Strength Show. He has over 400 hours of podcast producing & editing experience and over 4 million episode downloads to his name.

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