How To Submit Your Podcast To Google Play


You can now submit your podcast to Google Play! Just last month, Google announced the launch of the podcast section of their Google Play Music page and app.  This means that android devices will now be able to have a viable alternative to apps like Stitcher.  Google Play Music has over a billion monthly active users and the amount of podcasts available on the platform are minimal at the moment compared to iTunes.

This means that if you submit your podcast now, you can leverage an early adopter position potentially landing new listeners exploring their new Google Play Podcast platform.  Luckily, the process to submit your podcast to Google Play is incredibly simple.  All you need is a Google account, which if you use Gmail you already have.

How To Submit Your Podcast To Google Play

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Get Started.”
  3. Login with your Google account.
  4. Click “Add a Podcast.”
  5. Accept the terms of service.
  6. Enter your podcast RSS feed. If using a hosting service, you may need to configure a new feed. See below for additional instructions.
  7. Check your email (the address in your RSS feed) and verify your ownership of this podcast feed.
  8. Click “Publish Podcast.”
  9. Wait for approval.

Approval typically takes between 24 and 48 hours.  We recently submitted some shows and they were available over night.

If you use a hosting service like Libsyn, you will have to create a new destination in your dashboard.  This will give you a specific RSS feed for Google Play that’s compatible.  The regular RSS feed will not work with Google Play.  For more instructions on configuring Libsyn with Google Play, click here. Other hosting services may have similar requirements.

With Google’s adoption of the podcast platform, it’s another sign that podcasts are growing in the right direction. Amazon can’t be far behind.


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Orlando Rios is the author of Podcasting Pro Basics, The Podcast Book and producer/host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and the Industrial Strength Show. He has over 400 hours of podcast producing & editing experience and over 4 million episode downloads to his name.

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