Starting A Website For Your Podcast or Blog The Easy Way


Starting a website is an essential part of creating a successful podcast.  Think about it. You need a place to send your listeners to contact you and a place where you can add SEO to audible content. A website also gives you a place to make your pitch to potential advertisers and a way to earn a passive income.

If you have no technical experience, you may think starting a website for your podcast or blog would be incredibly difficult. The good news is that’s it’s really not. I built this site completely on my own and I’m by no means a developer or a coder. Starting a website is way easier and economical to do than you think!

Get Your Domain Now

The first and most important step of all is securing your domain. If you plan to start a podcast or a blog any time in the future, it’s important to invest in your domain name as soon as you are set on one.  In fact, without even knowing the domain name for your blog or podcast, you should at least grab YOUR name if it is still available. I’ve owned my own name dot com for years, even though I have never done anything with it. If I let it go, it would be snatched up in a heart beat …and i’d never get it back. There’s a lot more people with your same name out there than you would think.   So, if your name is available, do yourself a favor and grab it now.

Domain names these days are like property and your podcast or blog is your business. If your business depends on traffic and it’s not in the right area, chances are you’re not going to be successful.

Luckily, domain names are incredibly easy to get and cost next to nothing.  In fact, i’ll tell you how to get one for free in a little bit!

Getting Your Site Hosted

In order for you to have your domain point to a website, you need to have hosting.  This is where all your site’s files will be housed and how your site will be displayed when going to your domain.  This is also how you will connect an email address to your new domain and get that special email address.  There can be some pretty expensive options out there, but luckily there are some pretty cool packages available for people just getting started. I recommend getting your domain with the same company you’re hosting from. If you have very little experience, having the host and domain with the same company will make things much easier. Besides, one won’t work without the other. You must have a domain and hosting.  So, how do you claim your name FOR FREE and get your site up and running… the easy way?

How To Get A Free Domain with Web Hosting

There are many domain registration and web hosting companies out there. But the one’s that don’t have Super Bowl commercials are almost always a way better option.  Not only do they usually offer better service, but they are usually able to offer you better value since they aren’t spending a ton of money in marketing and advertising.

Bluehost is the only hosting service I can recommend. In fact, it’s the only hosting service recommended by WordPress – who you will hear more about later in this post.  Why is Bluehost so highly recommended?

  • Premium Customer Service
  • Easy-To-Use Dashboard
  • Stable Servers
  • Quick One-Click WordPress install (hear more about WordPress later in this article)
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Unlimited Websites, Email Accounts, and Domains – All On One Account at an Affordable Price
  • No Gimmicks and No Contracts

They sound pretty solid right? So… how do you get the free domain?

When you sign up through this article, you’ll get a a FREE DOMAIN for a year when you sign up for hosting at only $3.95/month for 36 months.  In some cases, the cost of hosting is what you would pay for the domain alone at other places!  A really great deal that can’t be beat.  Plus you can literally have as many domains as you want on one host. It’s the only hosting you’ll ever need no matter how many domain names you own.

To get started, go to this page at Bluehost’s site and click “Get Started Now.

Next, choose your FREE domain. It’s free with your new WordPress hosting account. If you happen to already have a domain and want to transfer it, you can do that too.

From there, you’ll fill in your account information and move on to selecting your package.  To save money and get the FREE domain, you’ll want to choose the 36-month hosting term for the introductory rate of $3.95/month*.  Remember, this is the ONLY hosting account you will ever need for all of your websites. It’s a great economical investment.

*Note the image below says $4.95. When you go through the link it will actually be $3.95 or even lower if they are running a special!

There will be a lot of extra offers if you want to partake, but this is the only thing you need. As you see, it comes with a FREE domain registration.

After you are all setup, you will then need to do the easy one-click install of WordPress that i’ve been mentioning.

WordPress For Your Website

Now that you’ve heard me mention WordPress a couple of times now, it’s time to let you know why.  This site you’re on right now is run on WordPress.  I have very average knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JAVASCRIPT, yet I have this pretty awesome site. I mean, it’s not bad is it?  I have contact forms, email captures, blog posts, and even ads on the sides that bring in revenue!  All these features and I am in no way a web developer, which can cost thousands of dollars to hire.

WordPress has made owning a site incredibly easy. Best of all, it is absolutely free. Yes, you read that right.  It costs absolutely nothing.  Well, what about all the forms and extras on the site. Do you need a coder for that? The simple answer is… NOPE!   Every “extra” you see on this site is using a plugin. WordPress offers a library of literally thousands of FREE plugins to enhance your site.  You can activate them easily and have an awesome site at the click of a button.

What About The Look?

You can easily change your site’s design with a new theme.  That means that if I want to change the look and layout of my site, but don’t want to lose all the content i’ve worked so hard on, I can simply change the theme at the click of a button and have an entirely new look.  Don’t like my new look? I can switch back with ease.

I’ve Signed Up Through This Article With BlueHost, Now How Do I Install WordPress?

Installing WordPress with Bluehost on your new domain is so incredibly simple. It literally takes one click. Just login to your BlueHost account and go to the MOJO Marketplace and click the One-Click Install of WordPress.  That’s it.  No complicated technical installations!

From there, it is pretty self-explanatory.  Once you have WordPress installed you can add a custom theme or use one of the default ones and move on to creating content. With WordPress and Bluehost, you can create blog posts, pages, and start building your business or personal presence on the web… THE EASY WAY.  All with your own FREE domain name you scored through this article!

Have fun creating your online identity and congratulations on securing your very own domain! It’s one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime.


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Orlando Rios is the author of Podcasting Pro Basics, The Podcast Book and producer/host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and the Industrial Strength Show. He has over 400 hours of podcast producing & editing experience and over 4 million episode downloads to his name.

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