Podcasting Books and Guides

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The Podcast Book 2017 Print Book
Discover your next favorite podcast from over 600 recommended listings. What is the best podcast in a certain category, how long is each episode, how often do new episodes come out, and who are the hosts? These are all questions that podcast listeners may ask themselves when looking for their next favorite show – a daunting task considering the growing amount of podcasts launched per year. With The Podcast Book: 2017 Edition, we hope to make your search a little easier. Using all the latest top chart data, we’ve put together listings for every category available in iTunes in a simple and easy to read format, including host, runtime, and frequency information. It’s the ultimate podcast discovery guide!

Podcasting Pro Basic Print Book
In Podcasting Pro Basics, you will learn which equipment is best for podcasting at any budget, which software is ideal for recording, some tips on developing your show and even some of the editing techniques used to get shows sounding crisp and enjoyable. Then, to top it all off, you will learn how to get your show published on iTunes and Stitcher—the top two podcast listening platforms in the world. Full Color.

Start A Podcast Print Book
Want to learn how to start a podcast? This quick, simple, and easy to read guide is just what you’re looking for. In this black and white version of Podcasting Pro Basics, you will learn all aspects of a podcast launch including choosing equipment, setting up for a podcast, recording a podcast, editing a podcast, and publishing a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Included with this book is a link to five chapter companion video tutorials, showing you actual screen shares and tricks to producing and publishing a podcast. This is exactly the same as Podcasting Pro Basics, except in black and white print to lower the pricing.

Advanced Podcast Editing E-Book
In this quick step-by-step guide, you’ll learn advanced podcast editing techniques that help eliminate room noise, balance mic signals, and bring audio to the forefront loud and clear. Includes a printable editing cheat sheet. Recommended for use with Adobe Audition. Instant download PDF.

Podcasting Book and Guide Bundles

Start A Podcast Bundle
This bundle includes the Start A Podcast Print Book and Advanced Podcast Editing E-Book.

Podcasting Pro Bundle
This bundle includes The Podcast Book 2017, Start A Podcast Print Book, and the Advanced Podcast Editing E-Book.