Podcast Movement 2017 Coverage Day 3


The 2017 annual Podcast Movement officially kicked off Wednesday, August 23rd with a full schedule of panels, keynotes, and cap off with the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Awards. While I couldn’t get to everything, these are some of the highlights during my experience on day three.

Podcast Movement 2017 Coverage Day 3

It was hard to believe that the final day of Podcast Movement had arrived so quickly, however even before the first panel of the day started, I felt like I had learned so much even as a seasoned podcaster.  I can only imagine how inspired new podcasters that came for the first time must feel. There’s going to be some amazing additions to the podcast world due to this conference, guaranteed!

Mark Asquith Podcast Movement 2017

Dominate Your Niche with Series Podcasting

With a big talk yesterday about iTunes new categorization options that include seasons, I was really interested in Mark Asquith’s morning talk on dominating a niche with series podcasting.

In the discussion, he talked about how he also felt the anxiety of staying consistent in putting out content regularly as a podcaster. At one point he actually quit podcasting all together, till he found a much better way to deliver his content and not feel the need of delivering a weekly show.  Enter the series format. Listeners don’t want filler content.  If you can’t provide quality content every week, don’t do it that way. That’s what Mark says and it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Instead, create your best content and group them into a series (or season) for people to listen to. With this format, there’s no expectation to be wowed every week but instead a feeling of completion with every series listened.

He also discussed ways to utilize this format for marketing and email capture, including making downloadable content that ties to each series or session.

State of Podcasting Podcast Movement 2017

State of Podcasting 2017

This discussion, led by Tom Webster, Tom Cochrane,  Rob Walch, Rob Greenlee, and Mignon Fogerty was heavily geared towards trends for revenue in podcasting. In fact, the team thinks that ad revenue from podcasting could reach upwards of $200 Million in 2017 or  2018!  While the amount sounds small in the grand scheme of things compared to other mediums, it’s a big step for an industry that’s still relatively in its infancy.

The good news is that these experts think that smaller indie shows stand the most to benefit as most of the major players may become too ad saturated.

So what’s the next big thing to move the needle in the podcast world? Google Android stepping up to the plate with a native podcasting app.  If that happens, podcast listenership would explode and podcast ad revenue with it.

Lore Podcast Movement 2017

Closing Keynote with Aaron Mahnke of Lore

The creator of the famed podcast Lore gave an amazing closing keynote the left podcasters feeling ambitious about their futures.  Aaron talked about where he started as a podcaster and where he sees opportunity for creators. The biggest one? Film.

Lore caught the attention of Amazon Studios to take the famed podcast and turn into an original show on Amazon Prime. What’s the takeaway?  Hollywood and film is taking notice of podcasts.  So dream big, because big is attainable.

Shannon Cason Podcast Movement 2017

Closing Keynote with Shannon Cason of the Homemade Stories Podcast

Record everything.  That’s what Shannon’s biggest tip of the afternoon was. In this keynote, he talked about the many struggles in life he had and how he harnessed those experiences into the success he is today.

When he started his podcast, his goal was just to document life and share its most intimate moments and conversations. Today, it’s one of the most popular podcasts available.

While the final day of Podcast Movement was short, it definitely was a great goodbye to an amazing week.  As i’ve mentioned earlier in this post, even as a seasoned podcaster I felt like I took in a ton of new knowledge and inspiration.  I know that my next project has for sure been changed (for the good) and i’m feeling more excited than ever as I continue my podcasting journey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my coverage of this event.  Trying to capture the moment while also trying to learn and take it all in was indeed a challenge, so I apologize for any sloppiness as I hoped to bring you everything in the quickest manner.

Podcast Movement 2018 will be in Philadelphia next year and will welcome Terry Gross!

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