Podcast Movement 2017 Coverage Day 1


The 2017 annual Podcast Movement officially kicked off Wednesday, August 23rd with a full schedule of panels, keynotes, and cap off with the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Awards. While I couldn’t get to everything, these are some of the highlights during my experience.

Podcast Movement 2017 Coverage Day 1

Podcast Movement 2017

After a smooth check in, the first panel of the day started out at 10AM with some very familiar voices and faces at the Business Roundtable.  The panel was an online marketing and podcasting goldmine that included Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn.

The conversation began with what is known as podcast batching.  This is when instead of living week to week (or in John Lee Dumas’s case, day to day), you set aside a couple of days where you plow through hours of recording in order to have episodes for the next several weeks or months. In Amy Porterfield’s case, she mentioned she records up to six episodes at a time!

Now, if you think that’s crazy, you only had to wait a few minutes for John Lee Dumas to reveal his batching number. John only records episodes on the first two days of every month, but records 15 of them on each day! That’s a lot of igniting for the Entrepreneur on Fire host.

John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn at Podcast Movement
John also had a story about being transparent in mistakes to listeners and turning it into a learning experience.  In his case, the story was about legendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. He talked about how Gene was hours late for the recording and came with the wrong attitude, leading to what he felt was the worst show he ever recorded. Instead of burying the show or burying his happiness with the outcome, he instead made it a point to tell listeners about the experience on the show.  A powerful message that things won’t always go as planned, but that you should always make the best of it.

Pat Flynn, host of Smart Passive Income, also talked about similar things and his road to becoming the podcaster he is today. He will reach his 1000th episode this November.

Audience Growth and Meaningful Monetization

Kate Erickson of EOFire Podcast Movement

In the same room after the Business Roundtable was a presentation by Kate Erickson of EOFire. This discussion was focused on helping people visualize their perfect listener and strategies to appeal to them. It was an informative look at becoming better at providing value to listeners and in turn creating monetization opportunities for your brand.

Share of Speech and Opening Keynote

Tom Webster and Larry Rosin Edison Research Podcast Movement

From informative to inspiring, Wednesday night’s Share of Speech discussion and Opening Keynote were a great listen for the packed room of Podcast Movement attendees.

Edison Research’s Tom Webster and Larry Rosin provided an informative and surprising presentation about the state of podcasting’s listenership.  One major stat that stood out was podcasting’s comparative to over the air radio.  In speech program listeners, today still only 11% of those are people listening to podcasts. While that number seems small, it also welcomes opportunity and confirmation that podcasting indeed is still a bull’s market!

Tom was also adamant in the way we need to present podcasts to new people.  Since most people have an unfavorable view of talk radio, he urged that we don’t make comparisons to that particular medium when explaining exactly what a podcast is.

Dan Carlin Hardcore History Podcast Movement

In the keynote for the night, the stage welcomed veteran Dan Carlin of Hardcore History.  While the entire interview was inspiring and seemed to fill the room with energy, there were a few major takeaways from the panel. Dan talked about making content last and his goals that every show he publishes could be listened to in any month or year without any feeling that it’s old or not up to date.

There was also adamant and much deserved praise for Apple as Dan mentioned they provide an equal platform for both pros and amateurs, not favoring one over the other.

Dan Carlin’s latest podcast with Stephen Colbert had 20 million downloads.

A Great First Day

While I couldn’t make it to everything, the first day of Podcast Movement 2017 was an inspiring and informative adventure.  One rumble I heard was that Joe Saul-Sehy of Stacking Benjamins had an amazing panel on designing a hit podcast that was standing room only.

The night also concluded with the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Awards and Hall of Fame inductions.


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