Apple Podcasts Updates in iOS 11: Interface Changes, Seasons, New Titling, and Analytics Coming


During the recent podcasts session at WWDC, Apple announced new features with their Apple Podcasts iOS11 updates, both for users and producers. New features include interface changes, seasons formatting, analytics and more.

Apple Podcasts iOS 11 Updates

In the opening of the podcasts session at WWDC, Apple brought to the table some staggering stats.  Through the Apple Podcasts platform, 400,000 podcasts with over 14,000,000 episodes are available and have been downloaded over 10 million times in 155 countries. Impressive growth in the podcasting world.

For Podcast Listeners

On the listener side, the Apple Podcasts app in iOS 11 welcomes a new interface.  While the app remains generally the same, there will be some changes meant to improve the user experience.

There are four new tabs along the bottom of the interface: Listen Now, Library, Browse, and Search.
Apple Podcasts Ios 11 InterfaceThe new Listen Now tab will now provide support for resuming episodes and finding new episodes of your favorite shows.  This replaces the current Unplayed screen you see in your Apple Podcasts app.

The Library tab will now be your main hub for all the podcasts you subscribe to. In addition to your subscriptions, this tab will host your saved episodes, downloaded episodes, and any episodes you’ve recently added.

In the Browse tab, you can search for new podcasts to listen to.  Like the current app, you will be able to see each podcasts page with a listing of episodes including their descriptions and show duration. The top charts will also remain.

For Podcast Producers

For podcast producers, some organizational and marketing features highlight iOS 11.  Thanks to the popularity of storytelling podcasts, a new seasonal format will be available as opposed to the just the current episodic format. This will allow the categorization of podcasts to be in the correct grouping and in the correct order if you follow a more book-like format.

Here’s some examples of the new organizational options. There’s also new episode types, including full, trailer, and bonus content.Apple Podcasts Layout ios 11

Marketers rejoice.  Apple has announced with this latest update the introduction of Podcast Analytics. When rumbles of a feature like this first started last year, many podcasters feared that it could bring harm to the free market that is podcasting. The thought being that with more focus on listener data, more focus will be on the monetization, leading to more regulation and publishing terms.

But if podcasting is your business, you will be happy to know that new data like the total hours listened to a specific episode, the average minutes per listener, abandonment points, and completion rates.

For advertisers on podcasts, these analytics will also now show whether or not your ads are getting skipped over.  Long gone will be the days where you just have to take a podcasters word on the value of your ad to the podcasters listening audience. You will now be able to ask for this exact listening data from the podcaster, if they will provide it.


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Orlando Rios is the author of Podcasting Pro Basics, The Podcast Book and producer/host of the Total Human Optimization Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and the Industrial Strength Show. He has over 400 hours of podcast producing & editing experience and over 4 million episode downloads to his name.

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  1. I’m shocked that a review of the new interface for Apples Podcasts didn’t recognize the incompatance of the podcast team making the “saved episodes” ridiculously difficult to find and get to. I have to scroll down through a years with of episodes to finally get to the option “Saved Episodes”. Why do I save episodes? Maybe, just maybe, to get to them quickly?

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