Advanced Podcast Editing E-Book

Advanced Podcast Editing E-BookWhen I wrote my first podcasting book Podcasting Pro Basics, my goal was to make an easy-to-follow guide anyone could use to easily publish a podcast.  I didn’t want to overcomplicate it, fill it with a bunch excessive information or try to teach methods that a newcomer would be intimidated by.

After hundreds of successful podcast launches from readers of that book, it’s safe to say that it indeed served its purpose through simplicity.

With that, I started receiving emails about going the extra mile in editing.  While the basic methods of editing in Podcasting Pro Basics are enough to make a podcast sound great, some wanted to know my tips to further make a podcast sound the best it possibly could for their listeners.

Instead of just providing a tip here and there, I decided to share my actual editing procedure I use for some of the top shows I produce on iTunes.

In this step-by-step guide, you will be able to follow my exact advanced podcast editing techniques that help eliminate room noise, balance mic signals, and bring audio to the forefront loud and clear. It really can’t get any easier! Includes a printable editing cheat sheet. Recommended for use with Adobe Audition.

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