5 Ways To Get More Podcast Subscribers


The question of how to get more┬ápodcast subscribers is common amongst new podcasters. You’ve got your podcast running on all cylinders. You have great content, great quality, and you aren’t going to stop anytime soon. But where are the listeners? What’s the point of putting out the content if nobody’s listening. Don’t lose hope! Creating the podcast is just the beginning. Getting a listener and keeping them is the real hard part. Luckily, there are some easy techniques that will help you grow your audience fast!

These are 5 ways to get more podcast subscribers

5. Make Sure You’re In The Right Category

One of the biggest mistakes I see new podcasters make is putting themselves in too broad of a category. Unless you’re a celebrity or already have a large social following, it will be really hard to break through the rankings in iTunes.

For example, if you have a health based podcast it is better to attempt to rank higher in a subcategory of health while you grow your audience. In iTunes, there are four subcategories of health including Alternative Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Self-Help, and Sexuality. If you can fit in one of those subcategories, that will be your best bet as you get started.

To find out what subcategories are available in iTunes, login to the iTunes platform on your desktop and navigate to the podcasts section. On the top right you should see a category selector. Once you select a category, scroll down under the podcast rankings and you should see “More….” These are the subcategories available.

4. Be Available on all Devices

get more podcast subscribers with device diversity

While iTunes is the king when it comes to podcasts, there are just as many people in the world that do not have an Apple device. If you’re not available on platforms other than iTunes, you’re cutting your potential audience in half!

The second biggest platform to iTunes is Stitcher. Most Android users choose Stitcher for their podcast listening. It should be almost mandatory that your show is on this platform.

Another great place to host a podcast is YouTUBE, believe it or not. While people are at work it is really easy for them to open up a YouTUBE tab and listen to your podcast on their headphones. It even gives your podcast share-ability!

Link: Stitcher

3. Blog Show Notes

get more podcast subscribers with show notes

You’ve heard the word SEO before. But how do you apply this to podcasts? The secret is having a blog where you post show notes of each episode. Having show notes for each episode gives your podcasts search-ability in Google. This can lead to brand new listeners looking for information on a subject you covered in an episode.

Link: Take it up a notch with podcast transcription services

2. Ask For Reviews

get more podcast subscribers with reviews

If you were shopping for a new item on Amazon, one of the first things you are going to do is check the reviews. An item with no reviews gives the image that it is not popular and can ultimately put off a consumer. The same theory can apply to podcasts.

When someone is searching for a new show to listen to based on a certain subject, they are going to look at how many reviews you have. No reviews may mean that your show is not worth their time. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of reviews to give yourself some clout. Even a couple of good reviews will go a long way.

The best place to get reviews are your friends and listeners. At the end of each podcast episode, ask your listeners to leave a review on iTunes. You would be surprised how many will go out of their way to leave their positive opinion of your show.

Link: Info on how reviews can be made on iTunes

1. Get on Other Podcasts, Have Other Hosts as Guests

One of the biggest tricks in the industry to get new listeners is to be a guest on someone else’s podcast and vice-versa. While getting on a major player’s podcast may be difficult, finding another new podcast should be relatively easy. Send emails, contact on social media, and work out a deal to be on each other’s podcast.

This exposes your thoughts and personality to the other podcaster’s audience. If they like what they hear, they may add your show to their rotation. It’s a mutually beneficial way to get exposure that gives you both great content at the same time.

While there are many more ways to grow a podcast audience, these are 5 sure ways to make an immediate impact in getting more subscribers with little effort.

5 ways to get more podcast subscribers


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